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  1. Evening atmosphere
    Evening atmosphere
    Romantic diner for two.
  2. Plates are Art
    Plates are Art
    At Les Rosees we believe your experience is not just the food but a number of aspects including the artistic appearance of your plate
  3. Simplet yet refined
    Simplet yet refined
    Every night is a new picture in your dish
  4. Summer flavors
    Summer flavors
    Organic and local products are used in our cuisine
  5. Dining outdoor
    Dining outdoor
    In the summer guests can choose to eat on the terrace overlooking the garden

La Table d'Hotes des Rosees

From our knowledge of the french Riviera, we are the only accomodation to offer Organic & local ingredients in their cuisine. This is part of our commitment to our guests, the environment and the local farmers.

At Les Rosees we have made the choice to have a single daily menu based on what fresh ingredients are found at the market or in our very own vegetable garden.

Our talented Chef, who has worked in many gastronomic restaurants on the French Riviera, improvises daily and can adapt his menu to individual request.  His cuisine aims to exhibit the authentic flavors of each ingredients in a traditional Provencal & french style.

He is also well versed in composing gluten free, dairy free menus, and/or vegeterian menus on request.

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Tuesday to Saturday
Regular 4 course from our Chef
Sundays and Mondays
Tapas nights from our sous Chef
  1. Café Noir ou café au lait ?
    Café Noir ou café au lait ?
    Warm croissants come out of our ovens every mornings
  2. Morning elegance
    Morning elegance
    From handcrafted plates to Silverware to embroided table clothe, all details have been carefully thought through
  3. Table arrangements
    Table arrangements
    Few tables at breakfast keep the atmosphere personal
  4. Breakfast selection
    Breakfast selection
    Fresh fruits & home made jams bring colour to the table
  5. Refreshing fruits
    Refreshing fruits
    Carefully picked from local producers
  6. Simplicity & elegance
    Simplicity & elegance
    We keep our tables simple in colours and tones to give you space & calmness
  7. Outdoor breakfasts
    Outdoor breakfasts
    Breakfasts on the Terrasse

Breakfasts & Company

Breakfasts are the starting point of your day and it matters to us that all your senses are awakened at this special time of the day.

Over 15 years in operation, we have refined guests experience by improving each of the items that come to greet your senses ; The soft touch of your table clothe and napkin, the delicate colours of the garden flowers, the gentle twitching of the candlelight, the Jazz music in the background, the waterfountain in the background.

As with our lunches and dinner, the products at breakfast are for the most part Organic and local. Many of our Jams are either home made or purchased from small producers in the Alps. This is our small contribution to helping the environment and being socially responsible.

  1. Quiet spaces for your afternoon literature or evening conversations
  2. Tables are dressed in thre evening overlooking the garden
  3. From the garden to your plate
    From the garden to your plate
    Amuse bouche acompany your early drinks

Lunches & Salads

Plates flow out of our kitchen all day long.. 

Once breakfasts is over by about 10.30 am, our staff commonly prepare brunches and lunches on request. Whether you are looking for a healthy fruit salad, a plate of local cheese and Parma ham,  a Mediterranean salad,  or maybe just a strong coffee to get you started for the day, we are here to help.

If you arrive at Les Rosees before your check in time, do not hesitate to request a table while waiting for your room.

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Les Rosees Maison d'hotes is the works of a passionate family around the Arts and Culture of Provence. It was first established in 2003 following a life time of interior Decoration in and around the Cote d'Azur. It is our humble expression of what life is in the region. We are proud to share with you this special place with a soul.